Donnerstag, 6. November 2014

Bad times are coming and I will have to deal with them. What does Buddhism say about that?

I'm going to separate my post into topics because my thoughts are in a mess right now and I don't want to confuse you guys.

1. Myself

I don't know very much about Buddhism, in fact I'm somewhat a new student in the area, at the moment reading "The Power of the Kabbalah", a gift from a professor.

2. Bad times

I have made some mistakes on social regards, and I also have some deadlines coming for important jobs, so I kinda know that the next days are going to be very demanding, because I'm going to reap what I sowed (and it has been already happening in the last one or two days).

3. My project

One of these jobs is very special for me and I'm having trouble concentrating and gathering energy and focus to work on it. If I give, like, 40 hours into it, it will be done and I'll be free until next year.

4. My classmates

I'm also having thoughts on the likes that I'm not being a positive force in my classes, since I wanted to contribute to my classmates' learning, and by doing so I have been participating most of the times, answering the professor, promoting dialogues and bringing new ideas to the table. However, I feel that I "drain" the light out of them, instead of giving them light.

However, they apparently don't feel like participating, and sometimes I think that if I just stood there, quiet all morning they would end up speaking and saying something.

5. Help

My thoughts are 'awry'. My closest friends have also noticed that, and they said that I'm not being myself, I'm making retarded jokes and comments, and that makes me feel that I lost my balance.

What does Buddhism say about all that? How do you prepare yourself for bad times when you can see them coming? How do you get yourself back into your nice and creative form?

I even hurt the face of a girl I like with a very, very, very stupid joke/prank. I don't want to do that anymore.

Sorry for bad english, it's not my main language and my mind is like a storm right now, hard to concentrate.

Thanks for your time.

Submitted November 06, 2014 at 02:11AM by Krainz