Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

A love story

Disclaimer: I'm not a native English speaker/writer/reader, so pardon me. Also, I just found this sub reddit and I'm already in love with it, it's amazing!

I know I loved her the first time I've seen her. Brown hair, big green eyes, an amazing body and incredible smart. She has an amazing taste in music. I've never met a girl who liked my kind of music before. And her voice... How could I live without her voice for so long? It was like angels singing. Yes, I know, it's a cliche, but I couldn't help. I'm in love with her.

And things keeps only getting better. Her family is amazing as well. Her parents and hard working people. Her mother, Claire, is a very well known doctor, and her father is a university professor. She has three other siblings. John is the oldest, he's nos serving time abroad, I think he's in Syria. We never met, but she talks to him every week. She missed him very much, she cried a lot, worried that something would happen, but I tell her everyday he's gonna be fine. Tom, the middle boy, is in college, he's the one I don't really like. he doesn't work, keeps getting in troubles, and makes everyone's life a little bit harder. I hope he can find a way out this life. And there's Lisa. She's the youngest one, 13 years old. She's a bit weird, only stays in her room, playing with dolls. The girls in her age are already playing with other stuffs, not with these childish Moster High dolls.

I love her family very much, and sometimes I want to punch Tom in the face, and scream with Lisa. They're making everyone to suffer. I can see her mother crying in he middle of the night, because her youngest daughter doesn't talk to anyone but the garbage dolls, and her son is nowhere to be found, probably getting wasted somewhere. And John... She expects the day when she's gonna receive "the call". It breaks my heart.

I know I'm this family's hero. I'm gonna make sure that everything is going to be okay.

At least it was what I thought. I thought that all these nights waiting outside her house, and outside her college classes would make her notice me. And when she received those letter, she simple laughs. I wasn't kidding. My love is not a joke. And when I finally confronted her alone in the parking lot, she called me "creep". And I knew everything was lost. HOW COULD SHE? I WAS HER HERO, HER LOVER. HER LIFE.

That's why she's in the river now, Her lifeless body is buried deep in the cold water. When she said that she loved me, it was already late. She had to go. Bye bye.

But at least I think I've found someone else.

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